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Eastman AR371 vs. Gibson ES-175?

Eastman AR371ce-SB Archtop Guitar at Appalachian Bluegrass Baltimore Maryland

Interested In A Cool Jazz Box That Contends with the Likes of the Gibson ES-175?

Well an Eastman AR371 from Appalachian Bluegrass might be your answer!

Premiere Guitar Magazine posted a great review on this popular Eastman model, and we thought you’d love to check it out. They conclude.

The Eastman AR371CESB might look like a Gibson ES-175 clone, but it’s a great guitar in its own right. It’s lighter and louder than the average hollowbody electric, plays like a dream, and has a rich, complex sound that will satisfy the staunchest jazz purist and the most adventurous rocker alike.

— Adam Perlmutter, Premiere Guitar

Check out the full review (with audio) on Premiere Guitar’s website here »

And when you’re ready to get yours…

Don’t forget to check out the real thing at Appalachian Bluegrass Shoppe, or just go ahead and order it from us online.

Happy pickn’!

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  • Tim Young says:

    Emory, I really enjoyed meeting you and talking music while we waiting for the J to come by. We got a lot of great shots. I hope you did too. I saw your comparison of the Gibson ES 175 and the Eastmans. I am not familiar with this brand but thanks to your site, I will have to investigate them. As a Yes and Steve Howe fan, I have loved the sound of the Gibson for years and was delighted when I was able to get one but she was so expensive, I am reluctant to play her much. We live in FL where it’s so humid that I usually leave her at our NC home. I might have to get an Eastman to give me something I can play here in FL.

    When I finish getting my 611 shots sorted out, I’ll see if you want to trade some. And soon, I hope to get up your way to check out the Eastmans.

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