Used Martin 000-18 (1949)

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Up for sale we have this wonderful 1949 Martin 000-18.  This guitar has received much love throughout the years, but with the help of our Martin Certified repair shop, she is back to life and playing better than ever.  This guitar came to us in need of a few things, one being a neck reset.  The action on this guitar is now 6/64″ and 4/64″ on the bass and treble strings respectively.  The neck relief on this guitar could not be any better at .004″.  It looks as if this guitar was refretted at some point which may account for the perfect neck relief, but we are not complaining, it plays great.

Cosmetically, this guitar has seen its fair share of play and handling over the past 66 years.  As it can be seen in the pictures, the top shows a lot of pick wear just above the pickguard on the upper treble bout.  There is also the infamous old Martin crack along the pickguard moving down towards the bridge as well as two cracks on the lower treble bout.  All cracks are secure! They will not be getting any worse.  We also repaired a crack that was indented into the guitar on the treble side that now blends nicely with the surrounding area.  Some of the scratches on the back and sides are deep and look like cracks but they are not.  The heel of the headstock also looks to have been repaired at some point in this guitars life as well.
We have looked over this guitar extensively and can reassure that this baby is completely structurally sound. What it lacks in looks it makes up for in sound.  The sweet, punchy clarity of the mahogany is ideal for the 000 body size.  Also, having 66 years to age doesn’t hurt either.  It doesn’t take a heavy hand to drive this one either.  The threshold for a full, quality sound is low on this guitar while it still has the potential to move some air and get loud.

Everything on this guitar is original except for the saddle, bridge pins, and end pin.  The nut is original but did have a shim placed underneath it sometime during its life.  It works fine so we saw no need to replace it.

All cosmetic damage is pictured to the best of our ability.  Any further questions about the guitar are welcome.  It comes with its original HSC.  This 000-18 is truly a wonderful piece.  It needs to find a player who is going to love it for who it is.  We will be sad to see it go but we look forward to it finding a great home.

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