Used GIBSON TB-150 (CIRCA 1950’S)

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Ready for conversion to a 5-string or for playing your favorite Dixieland tunes, this Gibson TB-150 from the 1950’s is a ton of fun!  Everything about this banjo appears to be 100% original from the tuning machines down to the tailpiece.  There was a hole in the resonator down by the butt end of the instrument but it has been plugged.  Not the prettiest repair we have ever seen but it does the trick.  The action and neck angle are great and she plays very well.  The frets have seen their fair share of wear and would probably need addressing in the near future if you were to keep this guy a tenor.

This Gibson arch-top banjos were passed on for years but have now started to pop up more and more as 5-string conversions.  The price of the old Mastertones is getting a bit out of control so many players are looking for a less expensive alternative.  This TB-150 is a fantastic candidate for conversion for all of you pickers out there.  Includes a HSC that is missing a pin on one of the hinges (pictured above).

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